Posizioni aperte

Senior full-stack developer

Posizioni aperte

Senior full-stack developer

Senior Full Stack Developer

Informatics, Electronics, Industrial management, MES Advanced engineering

Full-time job at a fast-growing scientific research start-up in Industry 4.0 area

Role overview

Key attributes

  • Excitement for technology, constantly striving to be ahead of the curve
  • Solid communication skills
  • Highly organised, with exceptional attention to detail
  • Calm under pressure
  • Approachable
  • Multi-tasker, with effective time management skills
  • Solutions-focused; creative / lateral thinker

Experience & Skills required

General Experience

Strong programming skills with an understanding of:

  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Software design patterns
  • Computational complexity
  • Creating and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Responsive web app development
  • Experience with large SPAs
  • Comfortable working with CLI
  • Working with debuggers, consoles, network profilers and performance analysis tools
  • Working with wireframes and design files
  • Commercial Git experience
  • Computer Science graduates preferred

Additional beneficial skills:

  • Integrating with 3rd party platform
  • Experience working with authentication flows
  • Experience with GraphQL and Apollo
  • Test driven development
  • Automated testing platforms, Browserstack, Selenium
  • Continuous deployment / Continuous Integration / Build Servers
  • Knowledge of cloud platforms (AWS, GCS or Azure)

Invia la candidatura

Scrivi un email a hr@agilefactory.it con la tua lettera di presentazione e il tuo Curriculum Vitae


Lavorerai nella nostra sede a Torino, Italia.


Si tratta di un’offerta di lavoro per una posizione full-time. L’ammontare totale delle ore settimanali è 40, suddivise in 5 giorni alla settimana.

Requisiti tecnici


  • React (hooks, context, etc)
  • Flux architecture
  • NPM / Yarn
  • Sass, scss or css
  • Javascript ES6+

Backend / Devops

  • NodeJs
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Pub/Sub pattern


Inglese, Italiano


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